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 *                            lang_admin_link.php
 *                            -------------------
 *  MOD add-on page. Contains GPL code copyright of phpBB group.
 *  Author: OOHOO < webdev@phpbb-tw.net >
 *  Author: Stefan2k1 and ddonker from www.portedmods.com
 *  Demo: http://phpbb-tw.net/
 *  Version: 1.0.X - 2002/03/22 - for phpBB RC serial, and was named Related_Links_MOD
 *  Version: 1.1.0 - 2002/04/25 - Re-packed for phpBB 2.0.0, and renamed to Links_MOD
 *  Version: 1.1.5 - 2003/06/11 - Enhanced and Re-packed for phpBB 2.0.4
 *  Version: 1.2.2 - 2004/05/10 - Enhanced by CRLin

 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 *   (at your option) any later version.

// Categories
$lang['Link_Categories_Title'] = 'Link Categories Control';
$lang['Link_Categories_Explain'] = 'On this screen you can manage your categories: create, alter, delete, sort, etc.';
$lang['Category_Permissions'] = 'Category Permissions';
$lang['Category_Title'] = 'Category Title';
$lang['Category_Desc'] = 'Category Description';
$lang['View_level'] = 'View Level';
$lang['Upload_level'] = 'Upload Level';
$lang['Rate_level'] = 'Rate Level';
$lang['Comment_level'] = 'Comment Level';
$lang['Edit_level'] = ' Edit Level';
$lang['Delete_level'] = 'Delete Level';
$lang['New_category_created'] = 'New category has been created successfully';
$lang['Click_return_link_category'] = 'Click %sHere%s to return to the Link Categories Manager';
$lang['Category_updated'] = 'This category has been updated successfully';
$lang['Delete_Category'] = 'Delete Category';
$lang['Delete_Category_Explain'] = 'The form below will allow you to delete a category';;
$lang['Category_deleted'] = 'This category has been deleted successfully';
$lang['Category_changed_order'] = 'This category has re-ordered successfully';

// Config
$lang['Link_Config'] ='Link Config Control';
$lang['Link_config_explain'] = 'You can change the general settings of your link here';
$lang['lock_submit_site'] = 'Lock user submit site';
$lang['allow_guest_submit_site'] = 'Allow guest to submit site';
$lang['allow_no_logo'] = 'Allow submit site without banner';
$lang['site_logo'] = 'The url where your logo can be found (full url)';
$lang['site_url'] = 'Your url of your website';
$lang['width'] = 'Max width of the banners';
$lang['height'] = 'Max height of the banners';
$lang['linkspp'] = 'Max links per page';
$lang['interval'] = 'How fast the banners are displayed';
$lang['display_logo'] = 'How many banners are displayed at once';
$lang['Link_display_links_logo'] = 'Display Links site banner';
$lang['Link_email_notify'] = 'When a link is added, send e-mail to all site admins';
$lang['Link_pm_notify'] = 'When a link is added, notify all site admins by private message';
$lang['Link_config_updated'] = 'Links configuration has been updated succesfully';
$lang['Click_return_link_config'] = 'Click %sHere%s to return to the Link Config Manager';

// Link_MOD
$lang['Links'] = "Links Manage";
$lang['Links_explain'] = "From this control panel, you can preview all the status of links and edit or remove the selected link.";
$lang['Add_link'] = "Add Link";
$lang['Add_link_explain'] = "The form below will allow you to add a link straightly.";
$lang['Edit_link'] = "Edit Link";
$lang['Edit_link_explain'] = "The form below will allow you to edit a link's detail, and also you can select to ";
$lang['Delete_link'] = "Delete Link";
$lang['Delete_link_explain'] = "The form below will allow you to remove a link, and also you can select to ";
$lang['Link_update'] = "Update link detail";
$lang['Link_delete'] = "Delete this link";
$lang['Link_title'] = "Site Name";
$lang['Link_url'] = "Site URL";
$lang['Link_logo_src'] = "Site Logo (88x31 pixels, size no more than 10K)";
$lang['Link_category'] = "Site Category";
$lang['Link_desc'] = "Site Description";
$lang['link_hits'] = "Hits";
$lang['Link_basic_setting'] = "Link Basic Detail";
$lang['Link_adv_setting'] = "Advanced Setting";
$lang['Link_active'] = "Active Status";

$lang['Link_admin_add_success'] = "The link was successfully added";
$lang['Link_admin_add_fail'] = "Unable to add the new link, please try again later";
$lang['Link_admin_update_success'] = "The link was successfully updated";
$lang['Link_admin_update_fail'] = "Unable to update the link, please try again later";
$lang['Link_admin_delete_success'] = "The link was successfully removed";
$lang['Link_admin_delete_fail'] = "Unable to remove the link, please try again later";
$lang['Click_return_lastpage'] = "Click %sHere%s to return to the previous page";
$lang['Click_return_admin_links'] = "Click %sHere%s to return to Links Manage";
$lang['Preview'] = "Preview Logo";
$lang['Search_site'] = "Search Site";
$lang['Search_site_title'] = "Search Site Name/Description:";
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